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My Lj's scrumchulesent!

Hello from THE FUTURE!

My, it has been a while.

From the looks of it, 2010. Quite a few depressing posts during my final days of LJ. Maybe I left for the better, (or better social media pages perhaps)?
Nah, Myspace has gone the way of the Dinosuar and Facebook... Well Facebook is its own cunundrom.

From the look of things when I left, a girl had broken my heart. Oh if only I could go back and tell myself "This is going to happen a dozen more times dude!"
Funny thing is, that is what brought me right back here. I'll get into that in a second, but first, lets clear up some future buissness shall we?

This is from my last post in December of 2009 when I was at a pretty low state. I changed around the bullet points to sum things up.

* Getting a new Job: I was let go from Universal around this time and I was bummed. Luckily, I was able to score a few technical lighting jobs in between and I am back at Universal doing just what I did before. I also freelance from time to time (and it pays better!)
* Getting my own place again: I got out quickly after this and rented a home for five years with some great friends. But buddy, don't get comfy. Ma & Paw are your best bet at survival at this point.
* Starting to paint: I paint a lot these days! I even enter them in art shows. Pretty proud of myself for sticking with this one.
* Starting the spring hockey league with Ken and Gareth: Hockey in Florida is always doomed for me. I'm way too busy, but Ken was lucky enough to play goalie.
* Writing more reviews: Do I still review? Yes. Do I write them out? Nope. With the age of Youtube and podcasting, I stick with vocalizing my opinion.
* Spelling better: This one I had to get better with because it was borderline embarassing. 
* Working out more. Yeah this is on everyone's list but my pale skinny ass needs to get in shape. I've been skateboarding and playing basketball more with Dennis so that is helping.
* The conventions. Star Wars Celebration V! Dragoncon 2010 with Heather! Spooky Empire!
* The TV. Final season of LOST. Season 3 of True Blood.
* Getting Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray.
* Carson and Gina's wedding.
* Going out more with my guy friends and drinking.
* Final Fantasy XIII

-Edit post to come-

Since nobody reads this anymore

I never knew I could hurt for this long.
Gave up smoking and drinking to better myself.

Waiting is a bitch.
Lost my band.
Lost my job.
Lost my girl.

I will never loose booze.

I want this like....right now!

Fist of the North Star is up there with Robotech for me. I don't watch to much anime but I can watch the shit out of some Fist of the North Star and Robotech!

It's about time a descent FotNS game came out! (Even though I STILL want that fuckin' beat em up arcade machine that im sure broke in every single arcade it was in)

This may be my first Japanese import game for the PS3.

All I said while watching this video was....